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ASAR Combo Course

Prerequisite: None

Class Hours: 8

This 2-for-1 class from Huff Technical Training and Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) covers both the ASAR Swiftwater Technician Skills and the ASAR Floodwater Boat Operations. Small-animal rescue techniques will be the primary focus, with additional discussion about large-animal issues and hazards in floodwater.

Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO) is a 3-day operations level course that encompasses aspects of large animal technical rescue; and focuses on the ropes and rigging skills that may be applied in various situations. This large animal rescue training includes both hands-on and classroom instruction. The Large Animal Rescue Operations class includes practicing rescue scenarios, use of lift mechanisms and a Becker Sling and the use of a life-sized, weighted horse mannequin with articulating limbs.


Participant Requirements



Gloves (optional)

Good footwear

Proper clothing for the weather


Requirements to Host This Training Course


Facilities need to provide a classroom location for a power point presentation and discussion the first morning of training

Area for rope class that includes open space and anchors to tie rope systems

Indoor or outdoor area for practical scenarios

Minimum registration requirement for this training is a class size of at least 20 participants and a maximum of 40 participants.

Course Topics

  • Characteristics of large animals in stressful environments

  • Restraint and containment of large animals

  • Ropes, knots and rope systems

  • Large animal sling lifts

  • Roles of the animal's owner, veterinarian and law enforcement officers

  • Live animal handling (optional)

  • A-frame or Tripod use

  • Customized scenario applications

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