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8-Hour Emergency Response Refresher

Prerequisite: 24-Hour Emergency Response Technician
Class Hours: 8
Regulation(s): 29CFR 1910.120 (q)(8)(i)

Course Regulation:


29 CFR 1910.120:

(q)(6): Training. Training shall be based on the duties and function to be performed by each responder of an emergency response organization. The skill and knowledge levels

required for all new responders, those hired after the effective date of this standard, shall be conveyed to them through training before they are permitted to take part in

actual emergency operations on an incident. Employees who participate, or are expected to participate, in emergency response, shall be given training in accordance with the

following paragraphs:
(q)(8)(i): Refresher training. Those employees who are trained in accordance with paragraph (q)(6) of this section shall receive annual refresher training of sufficient

content and duration to maintain their competencies, or shall demonstrate competency in those areas at least yearly.
(q)(8)(ii): A statement shall be made of the training or competency, and if a statement of competency is made, the employer shall keep a record of the methodology used to

demonstrate competency.


The Following Topics are Covered in this Course:


•HAZWOPER Overview
•Hazard Classes
•Hazard Assessment
•Fire And Explosion
•Oxygen Deficiency
•Biological Hazards
•General Hazards
•Electrical Hazards
•Heat Stress
•Cold Exposure


•Noise Exposure
•Reference Material Exercise
•OSHA Standard 1910.146
•Respiratory Protection
•Levels Of Protection
•Site Control
•Incident Critiques
•Course Review And Final Test

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