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Huff Technical Training




Huff Technical Training provides hands-on guidance and taps into years of knowledge and experience in the animal response field.  We are regulatory experts who have “been there and done that” in circumstances similar to yours.  

Huff Technical Training offers customizable onsite training's, consulting services and disaster response.

Huff Technical Training specializes in animal handling/behavior technical training for first responders in all fields of disaster response. 

We offer emergency response service for animals of all species affected by hazardous material releases throughout the United States. We employ highly trained response managers to mitigate your haz-mat incident correctly and cost efficiently.


Our experienced staff provides various hazmat consulting  services to help businesses operate correctly and efficiently.


Put our experience and expertise to work for your organization. Contact us  for more information about our  services, or to schedule a consultation.

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Our Mission 

The mission of Huff Technical Training is to safely and effectively train respondents to mitigate emergency situations requiring rescues/removal of victims from above and below ground, confined spaces, hazardous materials contamination and building collapses.


Huff Technical Training recognizes the need for specialized skills and equipment necessary to confront the unique challenges presented by all types of disasters; natural and man-made; in all situations of rescue and recovery.


The primary goal of Training To A Higher Standard is to increase the safety of all personnel conducting rescue and those they are rescuing. Huff Technical Training provides Hazmat & Compliance Training that exceeds industry standards using the latest equipment and the best working practices currently being used.

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Meet The  Team 

Brett Huff is the owner of Huff Technical Training. He has over  thirty years experience in the security, environmental, training, and the rescue fields. Brett is a Technical Rescue Specialist for Code 3 Associates  and a Rescue Specialist for ASAR Training and Response  as well as an instructor for both.

Beginning his career in the Army, Brett has since attended and graduated from several military, rescue, and law enforcement schools and programs. Having worked in a variety of the largest and most dangerous disasters, Brett understands all aspects of a disaster response. He has worked large scale evacuations, fires, flooding, mud slides, hurricanes and oil spills. Brett has held every role in a disaster response; from the first day of the incident, conducting search and rescue, to the last day, directing cleanup operation.


Brett has spent a life time working with animals and studying behavior of herd animals, safely working in herds of several hundred to accomplish daily feeding, moving and sorting activities; as well as working to rescue animals in emergency situations and disasters.

Brett Huff

Peanut and Leo

Peanut Huff  is 18 and Leo Huff is 2.  They are used in many of the  training's to allow  actual hands on animal handling experiences.  Follow Peanut and Leo along in their adventures with Huff Technical Training.  

R. Stewart

Brett is a patient, experienced leader in his field, a wonderful teacher... has 2 wonderful dogs...He could make watching water boil fascinating!

J. Johnson

Brett is a great teacher.  I have learned so much from his instruction and real-life examples.

What Others Say about Huff Technical Training

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