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Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO)

Prerequisite: None

Class Hours: 16

Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO) is a 2-day operations level course that encompasses aspects of large animal emergency response, and demonstrates what to do if a horse or other large animal gets stuck in mud, stranded on ice, trapped in an overturned trailer or other incident.

The specialized training needed for large animal rescue is encompassed in this LARO class through both hands-on and classroom instruction. The Large Animal Rescue Operations class includes practicing rescue scenarios, use of lift mechanisms and a Becker Sling and the use of a life-sized, weighted horse mannequin with articulating limbs.


LARO Course Topics Include:


  • Characteristics of large animals in stressful environments

  • Restraint and containment of large animals

  • Roles of the animal’s owner, veterinarian and law enforcement officers

  • Ropes, knots and rope systems

  • Large animal sling lifts

  • A-frame use

  • Customized scenario applications

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